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Cash row over children's vote

A MAN has is seeking a High Court injunction over the use of State funds for the forthcoming Children's Referendum.

Mark McCrystal claims the Government has been using €1.1m in its information campaign that is intended and likely to promote a particular outcome on November 10.

Mr McCrystal, an engineer of Kilbarrack Road, Dublin, claims the State is in breach of a 1995 ruling by the Supreme Court which held that referenda should be explained to the public in an impartial manner.

Yesterday, Mr Justice Roderick Murphy granted him permission to serve notice of his proceedings against the State. When the other side attends court, he will make a decision on the injunction application.

Hanks turns air

blue in TV chat

ACTOR Tom Hanks has apologised after he let slip a swear word during a live appearance on the TV show Good Morning America.

Hanks used the "f-word" yesterday when interviewer Elizabeth Vargas asked him to speak in his character's British accent in the movie Cloud Atlas. Hanks said that it was "mostly swear words," but Vargas told him to go ahead anyway.

Vargas quickly said sorry and Hanks also apologised.

Castro stroke

rumour denied

Rumours are growing about the health of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro after a Venezuelan doctor claimed the 86-year-old had suffered a massive stroke.

There was no official comment by the Cuban government but relatives at home and in the US have denied that he is at death's door.

The same doctor has made some claims before that have not been verified.

Cliff-fall rescue

of woman (86)

An 86-year-old woman fell off a cliff while gardening and clung to a tree for an hour before being rescued.

Beverly Blewett was raking leaves in her backyard in Newfane, New York, when the ground along the edge of a creek gave way, causing her to plunge 30ft into a 100ft-deep ravine.

A neighbour heard her cries for help and called emergency services.