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Carton's party for craft fans

IRISH designers will celebrate St Patrick's Day by having Crafternoon Tea at the Carton House Hotel.

The designers will bring their crafts to the Maynooth hotel to allow guests to make and experience designer pottery, bags, knitwear and jewellery.

Anna Vahey, a bag designer from Sligo, will be showcasing her range of exclusive Ana Faye handmade leather bags, while jewellery designer Maureen Lynch, award-winning knitwear designer Liadain De Buitlear and potter Thomas Diem will also be showcasing their work.

Anna told the Herald: "It's a new idea, having an exclusive house open up to crafts. It's quite unique. I'll be bringing down some of my patterns and some leather, and showing how they're made. I'll probably bring my machine as well, so people can see how it works.

"People can come in and ask questions and get sneak previews of the workshops and studios of craftspeople -- most people don't get to see that," she added.

Carton House is bucking trends and refusing to fall victim to the recession by working new ideas into the business.

General manager David Webster said: "Rather than do the straightforward afternoon tea, we decided to mix it up with cultural and traditional Irish activity then modernise it by bringing in designers."