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Cartel chief daniel 'grounded' by dad over murder fears


Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

Feared gang boss Daniel Kinahan has been warned not to leave his luxury bolt-hole in Dubai by his father, as fears grow of a revenge hit by the rival Hutch gang.

Cartel kingpin Daniel's paranoia is at breaking point after a series of setbacks in the cartel's bloody gangland feud with the Hutch faction, including a botched murder attempt on his former pal James 'Mago' Gately.

The Herald has learned that the worried gang boss is now too afraid to leave his bolt-hole in the UAE, where he has been based for weeks, amid fears that the murder attempt "will come back to haunt him".

Dad Christy Senior has also warned him not to return to his usual bases in Europe and this has resulted in the boxing fanatic missing a number of high-profile bouts, which he is said to be "fuming" about.


Gately (30), who is a very close associate of the Hutch gang, had a miraculous escape after being targeted outside the Topaz Garage in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, in May.


The scene of the attempted shooting of James 'Mago' Gately

The scene of the attempted shooting of James 'Mago' Gately

The scene of the attempted shooting of James 'Mago' Gately

He was hit up to five times, including once in the neck. However, four shots were lodged in his bullet-proof vest, saving his life.

Now terrified that Hutch hit men will track him down to bases in Spain, as well as the UK where he regularly attends boxing matches, the cartel has decided that it is best for gang leader Daniel to stay put.

"Daniel is getting more and more paranoid and now won't leave Dubai over fears the botched hit on 'Mago' Gately will come back to haunt him," a source told the Herald.

"He fears that 'Mago' and his associates will be gunning for him over the failed murder attempt.

"There's fears that hit-men could target him in Spain, the UK and in Holland, so he has been warned to stay put by Christy Senior," the source added.

However, the number one target for the Hutch gang is not happy about it and is said to be "fuming", as the order means he is missing boxing bouts in the UK due to the ongoing threat to his life.

The Herald can also reveal that the brazen gang boss was not expecting the capital's gangland feud, which has so far claimed 12 lives, to go on for so long.

"He thought it would be wrapped up by Christmas," a source said.

Kinahan is now keen for the feud to be brought to an end once and for all, believing it has been "bad for business".

It is understood that the cartel believe this can only happen if the Hutch mob's Dublin-based leader is taken out as soon as possible.

Gardai have foiled a number of attempted hits on some of the top members of the Hutch gang in recent months, including on the Dublin leader of the gang since the Regency Hotel murder of David Byrne in February last year.

Top Kinahan target 'Mago' has also survived a number of attempts on his life, most recently in May when he was shot a number of times.

'Mago' previously warned that the feud would not end until Daniel Kinahan was shot dead. He is understood to have once been on friendly terms with Daniel through his life-long friendship with Gary Hutch, who was murdered in a double-cross in September 2015.


Before his release from hospital following the botched murder attempt, and speaking from his hospital bed with a bullet lodged in his jaw, only days after being shot, Gately told gardai: "I'm not going down without a fight."

Daniel Kinahan meanwhile has been staying in the more sunnier climates of luxury Dubai, where it is understood he wed his partner in recent weeks.

So far, 12 people have been shot dead as part of the ongoing Hutch/Kinahan feud.

The latest of these was on May 31, when father-of-two Michael Keogh was gunned down in the north-inner city.

Keogh (37) was not considered a major criminal but associated with members of the Kinahan cartel.

A number of interventions by gardai have prevented further shootings by both sides.