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Cars damaged as councillors visit woman whose home was ransacked


Charlie O'Connor

Charlie O'Connor

Charlie O'Connor

Two councillors had their cars damaged when they visited a single mother whose home had been ransacked by thieves.

Charlie O'Connor and Mick Duff said they will not be 'frightened away' from helping people in Fettercairn in Tallaght, where their cars were vandalised.

The pair were visiting a single mother who yesterday told how thieves broke into her house and took most of her possessions when she took her children to see Santa.

Michelle also revealed on RTE’s Liveline how the vandals had defecated in her garden and walked it through the house on their shoes, before stripping the home of the family’s valuables, including Christmas presents, her hairdressing equipment, and her children's toys.

Labour's Mick Duff and Fianna Fail's Charlie O'Connor said they were giving the woman support today when the latest incident happened.

"They attacked us," Mr O'Connor said on the radio show.

"They are attempting to intimidate us and tell us not to come to Fettercairn to help people and that's outrageous. That's absolutely outrageous.

"What's happening to families locally, what's happening to Michelle... all we did was come to try to help and we're not going to be frightened away.

"We've come to help."

Michelle believes she knows who the gang of thugs are who ransacked her home and took their belongings. It is said to be a gang of nine to 12 boys and men, aged 15 to 22.

Today, she said she was devastated that the cars belonging to the councillors were attacked as they visited her.

"They came down to help me and see what they could do for me," she said.

Another woman also rang Joe Duffy and revealed how her house was "stripped" by burglars five times in the two years she lived on the estate, including while they slept in bed.

"We were given names by another young fella on the street," she said.

"But the police said we were better off buying the stuff back off them.

"It was like we were alone in the world," she added.