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NEWS anchor Caroline Twohig has revealed how she berated Hollywood superstar Mel Gibson as a child.

The 3e star (26) explained that she was working on the set of Braveheart as a film extra at the age of 11 and the experience proved to be more memorable than she could have anticipated.

"It was the first and only day I ever worked as a film extra. Basically myself, my sister and dad all came in to work as an extra for the day, my dad is in the actors' union equity and asked if there were any roles for children. Since there were, we both tagged along," the Glasnevin native told the Herald.

"I was doing a scene where I had to shake a man playing dead and pretend he was my brother -- it obviously wasn't very good because it got cut -- but we kept having to stop and restart the scene from different angles.


"I kept having to poke all these dead bodies with a stick. And at one stage, Mel yelled: 'Hey little girl with the stick, come do this!'

"I think I must have needed a nap or something and I actually tutted when he said it. Then I yelled back, 'I have a name you know!' He was so shocked. He just said 'Oh my God, I can't believe I'm getting cheek off a little girl in my own movie," she added.

However, the powerhouse director took the jibe in his stride and Caroline said that Gibson had no airs and graces during filming.

"It's still a story that's told in our family. It was actually just a few years ago that my sister said to me, 'Do you remember that time you gave Mel Gibson cheek?' and then I suddenly remembered it.

"I only realise it now how bold I was to say it. Mel Gibson was lovely to all the people on set, he made jokes with every Joe Soap. He was really nice and I was this little brat to him. I don't know where I got it from either, my parents would have been mortified."


As host of 3e's newly revamped fyi series, the TV personality admitted that it was her experience on the set of Braveheart that began her fascination with the camera.

And Twohig's mingling with the stars didn't end there -- she was also taken under the wing of Brendan Gleeson, who drove her to the now infamous Mel Gibson scene.

"That same day, Brendan Gleeson came over to myself and my sister, I think he saw we looked a bit lost on set. "He was lovely and made sure we were looked after," she said.