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Caroline Morahan turns down role in TV show after refusing to go topless


Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy


Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan has turned down a topless role in a major TV show as she didn't want to bare her assets for a small part.

The actress didn't want to reveal the name of show in question but admitted she didn't want to go nude for anything other than a major role.

"This part was a token part and I didn't want my first major TV credit - that will be shown here and across the world - to be a chick in background," she told the Herald.

"I might do it when there is a storyline and more happening but when it's just random girl getting everything out it's a no."


Caroline is currently starring in She Stoops To Conquer at the Abbey Theatre and hopes that having the lead role will help people identify her as an actress.

"The Abbey have a matinee club and I was chatting to a lady and she said 'I didn't realise you were an actress' and I feel like this will put that in people's minds a lot more," Caroline said.

"It is the national theatre and you can't mess around with that.

"As Irish people we are very proud of that. It is a wonderful affirmation of my work.

"I feel very privileged and you feel that coming through the doors," she continued.

"The place is different and special and everyone works with such care.

"Everyone is delighted to be there and you feel like you have joined a family," she added.

Caroline also revealed that landing the part in her Abbey debut only really sank in when she told her friends in LA.

"It took a while to register and it really kicked in when I told my US actor friends and seeing their reaction - so many friends burst into tears," she said.

"A lot of them know the theatre and have studied its history."

The former Off The Rails presenter also revealed that she wouldn't rule out a return to TV.

"I would consider returning to presenting. I love it," she said.


"I went on Lucy Kennedy's show, Late Lunch Live, and I had such craic.

"I haven't come back to do stuff because I have to give the acting attention and it was such an upheaval to move to LA so I have to commit to it.

"But I will always continue to present and write," she added.

The 37-year-old will return to LA once she finishes her run at the Abbey on January 31.

"I'm going to sleep the day after the show wraps and then I'll fly back on February 2," the gorgeous brunette said.

"My agent is keen to have me back as pilot season has started. It's frenetic."