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Carol singers needed to break record with Miriam

CALLING all carol singers. If you fancy being part of a world record-breaking choir, join Miriam O'Callaghan and thousands more at Croke Park tomorrow.

Organisers have put out a last-minute appeal and hope that at least 16,000 carollers will turn up at the event in Dublin to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The record currently stands at 15,111 carol singers, and participants are being asked to warm up their vocal chords to sing continuously for 15 minutes.

The initiative has been launched to raise funds for Cliona's Foundation, a charity that supports the parents of terminally ill children who struggle with finances throughout their care.

Members from choral group Corus and the Army Band kicked off the drive on Grafton Street earlier this month.

The Croke Park event is being organised by Richard Mulcahy, who appeared on RTE show The Secret Millionaire last year.


He said that up to 1,400 parents of terminally ill children were struggling financially every year in Ireland.

"The State doesn't look after these people and they have so much emotional stress about their child dying," he added.

"To have financial bills and worries that you might not be able to spend a few days in hospital before your child dies is a terrible extra burden."

Miriam became involved with the event after she was asked to do a fundraiser for the group.

"I then became an ambassador of the charity, so I hope that the event will raise as much as we can for terminally ill children," she said.