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Carnival boy beaten up in Paddy's Day ambush

A gang of up to six men attacked a teenager by punching and kicking him to the ground as he was walking home from a carnival in Dublin city centre on St Patrick's Day.

Sean Power, a 16-year-old from the inner city, was walking home from Merrion Square at around 11.15pm when a gang of youths set upon him and "beat him to a pulp".

The boy, who has bruises all over his face and body, is too frightened to report the incident to the gardai.

Sean told the Herald: "My face is swollen and cut and bruised. I just walked through a group of fellows and [the next think I remember was waking] up in hospital."

"My nose is badly bruised and I've a gash on my forehead. I felt something on my head and then it's all blank after that."

He told the Herald that he's glad he doesn't remember being beaten up by the gang.

"I suppose it could have been worse. I'd say it was lucky that I was out and don't remember any of it."

"Right now I wouldn't walk home on my own anyway, but it depends on how many are around."


His shocked mum told the Herald that her son who is doing "brilliantly" in school and causes "no trouble" was attacked directly after she phoned him to ask him to return home from the festivities.

"He was after being at the carnival and I rang him at about 11.15pm and told him to come home. But about six lads jumped on him and kicked his face.

"They must have kicked him into unconsciousness because he doesn't know what happened afterwards."

Sean was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital early on Thursday morning after ambulance crews found him on Holles Row, near Merrion Square.

His mother added: "They just kicked him into a pulp. His head is in bits I got a call at 6am from him and he was roaring crying down the phone."

Sean says he remembers the group coming towards him, but he instantly looked to the ground to prevent any eye contact between them.

His mum added: "He's not a troublesome fella. With the violence that goes on, people can't enjoy themselves."

Meanwhile a garda spokesman said it's impossible to investigate a matter if the public don't come forward with information.

He added: "If anyone makes a complaint, we'll look into it, absolutely."