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Carnage after 20 in M7 pile-up

Drivers have been issued with new warnings over fog after a motorway pile-up that involved up to 20 vehicles.

A lorry rear-ended another truck parked in the layby on the M7 causing commuter chaos.

Gardai and emergency services were called to the collisions between junctions 15 and 16 at 8am yesterday after an HGV crashed into another truck.

The incident, which happened near Portlaoise, caused mayhem on the foggy motorway with up to 10 crashes involving up to 20 vehicles. The cars collided with each other as they couldn't slow down quickly enough.


Heartbroken Oliver Moyles, whose 24-year-old daughter was killed in the fog in similar circumstances when there was a massive pile-up in March 2007, said the incident again highlighted the need for warning signs on the country's motorways.

The mother-of-one from the Curragh died from injuries she sustained after her Volkswagen Polo crashed into the back of a fire engine. She had just dropped her little girl, Ella (5), to school and was on her way to work when tragedy struck.

One of the HGV drivers involved in the first of yesterday's smashes had to be cut from the cab. He was rushed to hospital, but it is understood his injuries are not life-threatening.

Three other people received medical attention at the scene for minor injuries.

Garda traffic inspector Jimmy McCarthy said the motorway had to be closed for health and safety reasons.