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Carmageddon: Floods destroy hundreds of thousands worth of luxury cars

HUNDREDS of thousands of euro worth of luxury cars have been destroyed after the car park of an upmarket Ballsbridge address flooded.

As the multi-million euro floods damage bill continues to rise, the highest concentration of totally submerged cars was at the D4 Sweepstakes residential complex and surrounding developments.

It was a virtual 'Carmageddon' as scores of cars, including many highly expensive vehicles, were 'written off' when the Dodder burst its banks.

Cars in parking bays and underground car parks were rendered worthless within a few minutes on Monday night.

Two Aston Martin sports worth more than €100,000 and several luxury Mercedes, including a €120,000 S600, and several BMWs vanished under the raging torrents.

One 2002 Aston Martin, caked in mud inside and outside, was being towed away when the Herald visited the devastated complex. The 10-year-old sports car's €60,000 value was dramatically reduced by the damage.

Nicola Sheehan (32) lost her '09 Mazda, which she described as her "pride and joy".

John Butler (40) lost his beloved Renault Clio Sports which he imported from the UK. His car was among a number of cars floating around in a basement car park.

John said: "I hardly knew any neighbours before the flood. But everyone was brought together by what happened so some good may have come from all this."

Trainee solicitor Gina Keating (24) was close to tears as she spoke of her Peugeot 207. "My insurance company told me I'm not covered. It's all very upsetting," said Gina.

Several residents managed to save their cars by quickly driving them away from the complex ahead of the encroaching river.

Interior designer Lucinda Ball, who saved her car, said the river water "hit like a Japanese tsunami." Fabio Tanburrine (40) saved his beloved 1994 Renault Cleo Williams rally car by whisking it away as the waters rose.