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Carjacker threatened to cut my throat, says victim

A TAXI driver who was hijacked at knife point by a 15-year-old boy was told he would have his throat cut if he didn’t hand over his takings.

Still traumatised by the attack in the early hours of yesterday, the driver has told how he feared he would not get out of his car alive and see his wife and two young children again.

The 36-year-old man, who is from China, said when he picked his passenger up he had no idea of any danger.

“I had seen the guy wave me down in Tallaght at about 5.15am, he looked like he was in his late teens, and when he got into the car there was no smell of drink or anything from him, he seemed like a normal guy,” the driver told


“After we went through Templeogue he started asking me had I been out long and where I was from. It was just normal conversation,” he added.

“But then near Terenure he just pulled out a knife with a rectangle shaped blade around six-inches long.

“He told me to keep driving and at the junction in Terenure he said to go right, and not to go near the garda station.

“I was in a panic, and in Terenure he told me to break the red light and go left.

“I passed the taxi rank and I said to him, Please don’t hurt me, I will give you the money’, but he was shouting that he would cut my throat and saying he didn’t care.

“I thought I would not get out of the car alive. I thought he would attack me,” the driver said through tears.

He and his wife have two children aged 10 and two.

“After I stopped the car I saw my one-second chance. I reached out for the button that de-activates the central locking and I ran out the door back to the taxi rank for help.

“When I looked around my car was being driven away,” the driver added.

The youth crashed the car in Cabra around 20 minutes later and fled the scene. But he was arrested a short distance away and was taken to Rathmines garda station for questioning.

The driver is now waiting to assess the damage to his car, and does not know if he will continue as a taxi driver.

The latest case comes just days after a mother with two children had her car hijacked by a man who threatened to harm them with a Taser gun.

The woman was driving in Rathgar in south Dublin in daylight on Friday afternoon when the man managed to open a door through an open window and sit into the back at the junction of Zion Road and Orwell Road.

The woman, who had her own child and their friend in the car, tried to sound the horn to get attention but the man threatened them.

When he found out she had no money he forced her to driver to her Rathgar home and get her bank cards, before ordering her to drive to the ATM at the AIB in Rathgar.

There he made the terrified woman withdraw cash while he stood beside her.

The ordeal did not end there. She was then told to drive towards the Portobello area of Rathmines where the man eventually got out of the car and fled on foot.

The entire incident lastest over 40 minutes.

Detectives are now examining CCTV as well as using descriptions of the man to try and zone in on a suspect.

Car hijackings have spiked in recent weeks, with yesterday’s incident being the fifth in the past month in Dublin.

Following the latest attack gardai have warned taxi drivers to be extra cautious when picking up fares, and to keep their doors locked when driving to prevent hijackers from jumping into the vehicle.

This advice was echoed by John Usher of the Irish Taxi Drivers’ Federation.

“Drivers need to be alert at all times and keep their doors locked when they are plying for hire,” he said.