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Caring convoy sets off on aid mission to Libya

AN Irish charity convoy to war-torn Libya will set off from Dublin this weekend -- bringing valuable supplies to the humanitarian crisis.

Fourteen Irish volunteers will drive 2,000km through France, Italy and Tunisia to deliver more than €100,000 worth of food, clothes, medical supplies and equipment collected by The Irish Relief Convoy to Libya (IRCL).

Kamel Ghanem from the IRCL said: "We started collecting for it about four weeks ago and we got a very good response. This is the first of many. We've gotten all of this mostly from the Irish people, Irish companies, and there are pharmaceutical companies who've helped us as well. Irish businessmen have also offered to pay for food like dried milk and baby formula."

Liam Barrett, from Kimmage, one of the drivers in the convoy, has no fear about an attack from Colonel Gaddafi's forces. He said: "I'd like to think that if it'll save lives, it will be worthwhile."

But Kamel said: "I have no doubt that it'll be a rough ride. We know that there are members of the Gaddafi army on the Libyan Tunisian border and they have tried to kidnap a few people."