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Cardiff hotels quadruple prices for Rugby World Cup


Hotels in Cardiff have hiked up their prices

Hotels in Cardiff have hiked up their prices

Hotels in Cardiff have hiked up their prices

Hotel rooms around Cardiff have almost quadrupled in price for fans hoping to see the Ireland clash with France in the Rugby World Cup in October.

Supporters are now being urged to book their flights and accommodation early as the demand for seats and rooms increases and sees prices escalating.

Ireland have been drawn against Canada in Cardiff on September 19, and Romania on September 27.

But the games that will produce most interest are the clashes with Italy in London's Wembley Arena on October 4 and France in Cardiff on October 11.

With flights and transport links to London being relatively plentiful, and a wide choice of accommodation to choose from in the England capital, the pressure on prices has not been too strong.

But the game with France in the much smaller city of Cardiff has seen a shocking jump in prices, especially in some of the hotels.

The Holiday Inn website shows its City Centre and Cardiff Bay hotels are now sold out on October 10, but its North M4 hotel on the outskirts of Cardiff is charging £360 (€480) for one adult.


The same room on a Saturday night in February would cost just £75 (€100), representing a 380pc increase on the night before the big game.

The three Marriott hotels closest to the Cardiff grounds are sold out for October 10, but the one in Swansea 34 miles away is charging £229 (€306) for that night.

The same room on a Saturday next month would only cost £116 (€155).

The Hilton Hotel in Cardiff is sold out on October 10, as are its hotels in surrounding towns.

A Ryanair flight to Cardiff the day before the game with France on October 11 will set you back €153.99, with a flight home on the day after the game costing just €31.99. Ryanair does not routinely fly to Cardiff.

Aer Lingus is charging €138.89 for a flight to Cardiff the day before the game with France. The same flight a week earlier would cost just just €43.

Killester Travel, who set up packages for sporting events, say it has chartered planes to cover the Rugby World Cup, and has had to book hotels for the France game in other towns including Swansea and Chepstow.

"The hotel prices were just outrageous in Cardiff, except for the Maldron which seemed to price responsibly and is sold out," said Paddy Baird.