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'Car seizure made me sick', says driver facing €16k bill


Simon Parsons with his girlfriend

Simon Parsons with his girlfriend

Simon Parsons with his girlfriend

A man who allegedly owes €16,422 in eFlow toll charges says he was physically sick when he realised his car was being seized.

Simon Parsons said he and his girlfriend, Michelle Daly, woke up to find the car being towed away from outside his home in Bal- briggan early Tuesday morning.

He said the loss of the car has been devastating because he uses it to transport Michelle, who has cerebral palsy.

"The car is more of an ambulance than a car," he said.

"We heard voices outside and thought it was the neighbours coming back from the pub or a house party and thought nothing of it.

"A few minutes later I heard a beeping noise so I looked out the window only to find my car on the back of a truck.

"I couldn't believe what was happening and I vomited."

Mr Parson said he "definitely does not owe" €16,422.

He said he has all the receipts from his journeys on toll roads, and has requested statements from eFlow to see if the time of the journeys match his receipts.

He recently bought the car from the partner of his girlfriend's mother and insisted that there were no outstanding eFlow charges on the car.

"If I know I'm going to make two journeys on Friday, I'll get them on Thursday night. I always pay for them at the local Applegreen or Spar stores. I definitely don't owe that much."

Mr Parsons, who drives a van for a charity organisation in Balbriggan, has not been to work since his car was taken because he is trying to resolve the matter.


He said this is not the first time he has experienced issues with eFlow. "I got a few letters last year saying I was using the toll when I hadn't gone through it at all.

"Nobody seems to want to talk to me. They are either passing me around or talking down to me."

Dublin County Sheriff's Office and eFlow said they could not comment on individual cases or confirm the incident.