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Car drivers face complete ban on city's quays

AS IF the 30kph zone hasn't annoyed motorists enough, a proposal to ban cars altogether from part of the Liffey Quays will be considered.

A committee devising plans to improve the capital's public spaces is to forward the proposal to City Council planners.

The group received "several suggestions" about changing traffic arrangements in order to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, the Your City Your Space draft strategy states.


"It is suggested that the Liffey Corridor should be transformed into a green corridor with no traffic," the working paper reveals.

The document recommends the proposal be forwarded to the local area plan team within the council's planning department, a move which is expected to happen this week.

It is thought any ban would only apply along a relatively short section of the quays.

Part of the route is already subject to a 30kph speed limit.

During the course of the consultation process, some 187 written submissions were received.

A further 493 comments gleaned from on-street conversations, stakeholder meetings and online posts were noted.

One of the main issues raised by the public was the need to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over vehicular traffic.

Requests were made to improve pedestrian crossings facilities. In addition, the issue of footpath widths "came out very strongly in the submissions", the document notes.

It adds: "Wider footpaths are considered necessary as well as a generally improved environment and better maintenance of footpaths. The experience of walking in the city was by some considered to be unsafe due to conflict with vehicles, buses and cyclists. Cycling on footpaths as a danger to pedestrians was raised in several submissions."

Conflicting views emerged over pedestrianisation.

"Arguments against the pedestrianisation of the city centre are put forward, mainly stating that this would 'kill' the city centre, produce an unsafe environment and drive out shoppers," the report said.


"On the other hand, recom-mendations are made regarding the pedestrianisation of areas such as College Green and the quays as well as South William Street and Wicklow Street."

Cyclists came in for a lot of criticism, with the review group noting that a "very strong feeling" that cyclists' behaviour was "unacceptable" and "dangerous" was expressed.

The report will be discussed by the council's transport committee this week.