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Car destroyed and house bombed in gang savagery

DOZENS of gardai had to be deployed after a full-scale riot broke out in a Dublin suburb in broad daylight.

At least two people were hospitalised and three men were arrested when two groups of Travellers were involved in a pitched battle on Cappagh Road in Finglas shortly after 6pm on Sunday.

Sources say that over 40 men were involved in the trouble.

Our exclusive photo shows a green Volvo car that was destroyed in the battle.

The vehicle was attacked after it crashed into a wall and sources say that a gang used spades, hurls, sticks and axes to attack the car.

The car driver had to be treated in hospital following the ordeal.

In another incident a young man was knocked down by a car -- and there were also reports of dozens of separate assaults.


A source said: "It was horrendous, someone could have easily been killed.

"The gardai reacted very well to the situation and things calmed down once they got on the scene."

In a follow-up attack a petrol bomb was thrown at a house in Avila Park in Finglas last night -- this estate has been at the centre of the feud which has been simmering in north Dublin for over a year.

Hours earlier gardai deployed public order units at Cardiffsbridge Road after receiving information that the feuding clans were going to attack each other again.

"Yesterday was very tense in the area -- in fact we are expecting a very tense week.

"These two factions really hate each other -- they have been at each others throats for ages," said a source.

The savage feud has seen a number of arson attacks including an incident last summer in which a house was completely destroyed.

Three young children were lucky to survive after their home was torched in a late-night petrol-bomb attack.

Two petrol bombs and a number of shots were fired at the home in Avila Gardens, Finglas.

The children's cousins, who were babysitting them at the time, grabbed them and fled the burning house.


However the ongoing warfare has hardly got a mention in the media.

There has been over a dozen pipe-bomb incidents linked to the feud as well as at least two shootings.

In one incident last August a pipe bomb was thrown at a property in the Dunsink area, just minutes after a mass brawl outside a Finglas pub.

In the linked incident, the opposing factions had been drinking in the pub on Cardiffsbridge Road to mark the anniversary of a young man who died in tragic circumstances.

"Remarks were passed, taunts were made and everything got out of control very quickly.

"There ended up being a big boxing fight outside the pub," explained a source.

Sunday evening's riot was the biggest outbreak of violent disorder since that incident.