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Capital worst for crashes, floods - and loose horses


The scene of the crash

The scene of the crash

The scene of the crash

Dublin was the worst place in Ireland for road crashes this year.

There were 577 traffic collisions in the capital reported to AA Roadwatch up to the start of this month. Dublin had more than twice as many collisions as Co Cork where 228 crashes were reported.

The third-worst county was Kildare where 117 crashes were reported.

The lowest number of collisions was in Co Leitrim where only five were reported to AA Roadwatch.

Nationwide, AA Roadwatch reported 1,570 crashes this year. There were 195 fatalities on Irish roads, 10 more than last year.

Arwen Foley of AA Roadwatch said reporting on fatal crashes was the worst part of the traffic bulletin service.

"It never gets easier hearing about a car on its roof or taking a call from the gardai who are dealing with another fatal crash," she said.

"All we can do is warn motorists to take care and hope they listen."

Dublin also had the highest number of flooding reports, with 77 incidents reported on AA bulletins. Cork was next with 51. The east coast was the hardest-hit region, with 27 flooding incidents in Co Louth and 25 in Co Wicklow.

Pigs, dogs, horses, swans and even a bull found their way into Roadwatch warning bulletins during the year.


In March, traffic was held up on the M8 between Cahir and Mitchelstown after a pig wandered into traffic on the main Dublin to Cork route.

Horses were the most frequent reason for animal alerts, with 41 reported loose and disrupting traffic.

Dublin had the highest number of loose horses, with 11 reported cases. Co Meath had six reports of wandering horses.

Dogs weaving in and out of traffic were the next worst offenders, with 18 such cases reported.

Kildare saw the biggest number of reports of loose sheep. There were also reports of five rogue swans, eight loose cows and three uncontrolled donkeys and a bull.

"Seeing animals on the roads is nothing new for us in Roadwatch, but we'll never forget the monkey on the N11 in Wicklow in 2008 or the llamas on the M50 in 2009," said Ms Foley.

The Roadwatch team reported on 291 incidents of debris or other large obstructions on the roads. There were also 22 tyres and two mattresses.

Last month, motorists had to contend with tons of fish on the N17 Tuam Road at Knockdoe after a lorry shed is load.