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Capital to escape worst of a wet weekend

IT'S time to breathe a sigh of relief -- Dubliners will be escaping the worst of this weekend's weather.

While the rest of the country will today be donning wellies, with heavy rain and wind set to grip most areas, those in the capital will be luckier.

With winds of up to 100kph expected to hit the country, temperatures will remain mild at 12C and the capital will avoid most of the 50mm rainfall predicted for this weekend.

Met Eireann forecaster Vincent O'Shea told the Herald: "It will be a very wet spell, it's already wet countrywise, with high totals of rainfall in parts of the country, but Dublin will not feature in that.

"Areas like Connacht and west Munster, Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo, and Donegal will have rain upwards of 40 to 50mm before the episode ends sometime tonight.

"With the combination of wind and rain, the severity of things will increase towards the west, but in Dublin and eastern counties it won't be as bad.

"25mm of rain is possible in the next 12 to 18 hours, but that shouldn't be a problem."

But it's the strong winds that will be most noticeable today, lasting until the early hours of tomorrow morning.

"There will be a big contrast between today and tomorrow," Mr O'Shea said.

"We are looking at a very windy day, persisting right through everywhere with possible gusts up to 55 knots in places.

"It would be the equivalent of a strong day at sea, and is the windiest day we've had in a good few months.

"That will be the main feature today, until midnight or so, it may be 4am or 5am before things improve."

However, the weekend outlook isn't entirely bleak, and we can even prepare for some sunshine tomorrow.

"There will be a big improvement tomorrow. Most people will wake up to a bright start and it's going to be a lot less windy. The bulk of the country should stay dry, but there will be some heavy showers in the west and northwest around nightfall and that may be problematic tomorrow night."

Temperatures are expected to settle at 11 to 12C.