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CAO reveals huge demand for IT and science courses

THERE has been a dramatic surge in demand for science and computing courses, it has emerged, as CAO offers were released today.

And there was good news for students overall with almost 2,500 extra places being offered.

The points for college courses in science, technology and agriculture have risen.

The interest in science and technology courses is an indication that school-leavers are opting for degrees which they believe will secure them jobs.

Students have moved away from courses in business and arts with both areas seeing falls in demand for places.

Almost 48,000 students were offered a third-level college course today, with 48pc of them receiving their first choice.

The first round of offers was posted on the CAO website today, with 5.15pm on Monday August 29 set as the deadline.

A total of 83,666 college placements are up for grabs -- up from 81,190 places last year.

And for the first time in years, it is the areas of science and computing that will see the greatest competition for places.

The points requirements to study science in University College Dublin and NUI Galway rose by 20 points, while science at Trinity College increased by 15 points.

The collapse in the construction industry has been reflected in today's offers, with architecture courses down by up to 65 points.