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Cancer survivors to share their tales

THEY'VE successfully battled a killer disease - and now they're set to tell their tale.

Cancer survivors, who battled the disease as children and teenagers, will attend a major European conference tomorrow in Dublin.

The former sufferers were among the 120 cases of cancer a year recorded among under 15s in the Republic.

The event, which will take place at the Croke Park Conference Centre from 9am, will be the first of its kind to gather medical practitioners, as well as former cancer patients and their families.


It aims to discuss the long-term effects of the disease on cancer survivors and the care available to them.

The conference will hear directly from survivors on their experiences combating the disease. It will also hear about the support networks available to patients and the improvements that need to be made in that regard.

The Boyne Research Institute, which is currently studying the area of after-care for cancer patients, organised the conference in association with the PanCareSurFup consortium and the Irish Cancer Society.

Dr Julianne Byrne, who works at the institute, remarked that there were "an average of 120 new cases of children [aged 15 or less] suffering from cancer in the Republic every year".

"In comparison, there are about 400 children enrolled in the long-term follow up clinic in Crumlin Children's Hospital," she said.

"We don't know how many cancer survivors [who suffered from the condition as children] are currently in the community.

"We are quite concerned over the level of care they are receiving because we don't know about it and we hope that this conference will have an impact on this and future policies."