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Cancer sufferer's joy as kind-hearted stranger hands him two tickets to final

A LOYAL Dublin GAA fan with terminal cancer will be able to see his team contest tomorrow's final live at Croke Park after all -- after the Herald highlighted his plea.

Clondalkin man Peter Murphy -- who hasn't missed a final since the Sixties -- was set to be stuck at home watching the All-Ireland clash on TV.

But when we told readers of the 64-year-old's heartbreaking plight, a kind-hearted -- and anonymous -- benefactor was in touch within hours to offer up two tickets.

Peter, who is originally from Ringsend but now lives in Clondalkin with his wife, Mary, was overjoyed with the donation.

"I really appreciate this. Thank you very much," he said.

The GAA enthusiast is planning on bringing his 33-year-old daughter Sinead with him "because she's looked after me so much, especially with bringing me to matches in the past".


"I'm really looking forward to it now. I hope we keep Kerry on the back foot because they're dodgy at the back -- mind you, they've a great forward line," he said.

The dad-of-three was all smiles as he posed for pictures, even sharing a laugh with his wife, Mary. "You wouldn't kiss me like that!" she shouted as he kissed the tickets, with Peter replying: "I've been kissing you for forty-odd years!"

Speaking about his diagnosis: "It was a big shock when I was diagnosed because I never had taken a day off work sick in 10 years. I don't drink or smoke and have always remained active so I was taken aback.

"I'm doing fairly well and I want to enjoy myself as much as possible."

He added. "Even when Dublin went through a rough patch, when we were up for the play offs all the time, I was still there supporting them."