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Cancer girl Lily-Mae suffers virus setback

TINY Dancer Lily-Mae Morrison has suffered a setback after picking up a virus.

The brave five-year-old was admitted to Crumlin hospital after breaking out in thousands of warts and blisters on her body and face.

Her parents had feared that the setback could effect the little girl's place on the clinical antibody trial – which they believe is her last hope of beating cancer in Ireland.

However, doctors have now begun treatment and Lily-Mae will continue with the trial after a short delay.

We're just so grateful that it won't effect the trial," said mum Judith Sibley.



Lily-Mae, from Claregalway, Co Galway, has battled against neuroblastoma for over a year now.

Judith praised the team at Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin for all their work and help for Lily Mae, who is undergoing the gruelling final leg of her cancer treatment.

The family are continuing with fund-raising efforts in the event that Lily-Mae suffers a relapse.

"If this cancer comes back we will have to fly straight to the US. There will be no waiting," Judith said. For information on how to donate, see www.thesunnimaetrust.ie or idonate.ie/lily