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Cancer battler Louise 'so grateful' she's pregnant


Louise McSharry with husband Gordon Spierin

Louise McSharry with husband Gordon Spierin

Louise McSharry with husband Gordon Spierin

It will be all about relaxing for 2fm star Louise McSharry for the next couple of weeks as she settles in to her new role as a mum-to-be.

The presenter has spoken of her joy and "total disbelief" at discovering she is pregnant following her battle with cancer.

Louise said she and her husband Gordon Spierin are expecting their first child despite previously accepting that their chances of conceiving naturally were not good.

They will celebrate their good news when they head off this weekend on holiday.

Louise (32) confirmed she is due to give birth in the autumn.

She battled Hodgkin's lymphoma for nearly a year and is currently in remission.

Louise married long-term partner Gordon in Cork last August.

Opening up about her exciting news on her blog, she said she is delighted to "have beaten the odds".


She said she had been prepared for the worst when it came to her fertility because "the treatment which had saved my life had also decimated my egg count".

"Where I should have been at 35 or 40 on the scale of being able to conceive, I was a two. I was a two, and I was p***ed off," she wrote.

"We are absolutely delighted and just a little bit terrified at the prospect of becoming proper adults, but I gather that's a normal way to feel.

"We are also incredibly grateful that we have beaten the odds."