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Canada set to scrap its penny

CANADA is to remove the penny from its currency as they are "annoying" and too expensive to produce.

Jim Flaherty, the Canadian finance minister, claimed that pennies, also known as one cent pieces, were unpopular.

Each of the coins cost 1.6 cents to produce, and scrapping them will save up to CAN$11m (¤8.2m) a year.

Mr Flaherty told the Canadian House of Commons: "Pennies take up too much space on our dressers. They take up far too much time for small businesses trying to grow and create jobs."

Zoo can't pay to feed animals

THE debt-crippled Spanish city of Jerez may not be able to afford to feed the animals in its zoo any more.

Jerez's town hall has already run out of money to pay its municipal employees regularly.

"The suppliers of fresh food from the markets don't want to provide the zoo any more because they know they won't get paid," said one employee. "If [it] goes on like this, the whole place will fall apart."

Dewani 'too ill' to go to Africa

SHRIEN Dewani's extradition to face charges of arranging the murder of his bride in South Africa has been halted by senior judges, in view of his mental state.

The 31-year-old British businessman had appealed against an extradition order granted by a judge in August.

But the High Court in London ruled that he would be at risk if he were "returned in his present condition".

Mr Dewani has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depression. He denies arranging the killing of his 28-year-old wife, Anni, who was shot dead in Cape Town in 2010.

Scott letter sells for ¤195k

A FAREWELL letter written by polar explorer Captain Robert Scott, in which he said his team would die "like gentlemen", has been bought for £163,250 (¤195,000) at auction.

The letter was bought by an anonymous British collector after a hotly contested sale at Bonhams auction house in London.

The letter was found on the body of Robert Scott in November 1912.