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Camogie chief hits out at 'exploitative' crisps ads

The National President of the Camogie Association has blasted the Hunky Dory's ad campaign using models as "gratuitous and exploitative".

Speaking in advance of the Camogie finals to be held in Croke Park this weekend, Joan O'Flynn said that real talent should be the focus of such ads.

The controversial Hunky Dory's campaign features models in skimpy clothing in county colours.

Asked if she was critical of the Hunky Dory's campaign, Joan said: "I think it is disappointing that when there is large scale coverage like that that it doesn't emphasise the skill and the athleticism of the athlete.

"It is preferential that it emphasise abilities and skills of the players rather than focusing on anything else.

"If you want to see real Gaelic stars in action come here on Sunday and see over 200 camogie players in action showing how skillful they are in Croke Park," she said.

"One of the issue for sporting organisations promoting women in sport is in media.

"Women's sports get less than 10pc of the media coverage and less than 10pc of the funding. But the real issue is the consistent coverage of women's sport," Joan added.

"So its disappointing when there is expensive advertising that's done in a way that is gratuitous and exploitative."

Joan said that her organisation has experience of working with commercial organisations and there are standards they like to see applied.

"We like to do it in a way that promotes positive images in sport that encourages women as elite sports stars to be role models for younger people," she explained.

In this Sunday's finals Wexford face Galway in the senior cup, Wexford play Antrim for the Intermediate title, and Waterford face Down in the premier junior grade.