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Cameron to be dad for fourth time

Samantha Cameron, the British Conservative Party leader's wife, is due to give birth in September, it has been announced.

The pregnancy raises the possibility of another newborn in Downing Street, a decade after Leo Blair's arrival. A general election is expected in May.

David Cameron was aware that his wife was expecting when he described her as his "secret weapon" during a recent television interview.

But friends say that Mr Cameron, who is 43, and his wife (38) have been keen to expand their family after the death of their first son, Ivan. He had suffered from a rare neurological condition from birth and died aged 6.

Mr Cameron first let slip that the couple were trying for another baby as long ago as last summer. Asked in August whether he wanted another child, he said: "I'd certainly like to. But we'll have to wait and see if the stork drops one off."


His wife said yesterday that she and her husband were "obviously delighted" at the prospect of another child. The couple have two other children Nancy (6) and Elwen (4).

If the Camerons occupy No 10 after the election, they will find staff who have grown accustomed recently to young children. Both Cherie Blair and Sarah Brown had babies while living in Downing Street.

Leo Blair's arrival on May 20, 2000, heralded the first baby to be born to a serving British prime minister for more than 150 years. Francis Albert Rollo Russell, the third child of Lord John Russell, was born on July 11, 1849.

In October 2003, while her husband was Chancellor, Mrs Brown gave birth to a baby boy, John. The couple had another child, James Fraser in July 2006. Since shadow cabinet member George Osborne and his wife, Frances, also have two young children, a Conservative victory would place a strain on the famously limited accommodation in the two private flats in No 10 and No 11 if both families live in Downing Street.