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Cameras focus on red-light jumpers

Dublin city motorists caught jumping a red light on camera will be fined under a new trial.

Gardai will use the images from a CCTV camera to determine if a motorist has broken a red light at a junction.

The 12-month trial is in response to a number of collisions between motorists and trams in Dublin city centre.

Sergeant Jim Molloy at the garda press office said: "This would be the first red-light camera enforcement project in Ireland." Failure to obey traffic lights can cost two penalty points, or five on conviction. Motorists will be fined €80, or €120 if that remains unpaid after 28 days.

A spokeswoman at Dublin City Council said: "The purpose of this trial is to monitor vehicles breaking red lights at a junction and to ascertain the extent and seriousness of problems and its implications.

"This camera is in a testing and commissioning phase at present."

The trial will involve one camera, which will be moved between the junctions where the Luas red line meets Blackhall Place and Queen Street near Dublin's quays.

Tom Manning, spokesman for the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA), said: "The primary issue is the failure of motorists, and cyclists in particular, to stop at the red traffic signal at these junctions, thereby jeopardising their own safety and the safety of Luas passengers."