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Camera-shy Sean now has something to smile about

STUDENT Sean Morris used to try to hide his teeth in photos because he was self-conscious about them.

But that is no longer a problem, thanks to the work he has had done to fix the problem.

Sean (19), from Kimmage, attended Dr Katherine Condren's practice in Terenure and started his orthodontic treatment when he was in fifth year in secondary school.

"Getting braces was a given, but she also told me about my jaw not being aligned properly," he said.

Sean had two choices - get the braces and straighten his teeth and then get them off, or undergo surgery to correct his jaw while also having the braces on.

"The risks were explained to me about the jaw surgery, but I thought the result would outweigh the risk, and it did," he said.


Sean was operated on at St James's Hospital last February by surgeon Gerald Kearns, with the goal being to align his lower jaw.

The surgery went well, and thanks to the braces his teeth have also straightened over time.

"I'm grand smiling in photos now," said Sean, who is in second year at UCD studying social science.

Dr Condren, who is a specialist orthodontist and president of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland (OSI), said: "It's never too late to consider specialist orthodontic treatment, because healthy teeth can be moved at any stage."

At the launch of its annual awareness campaign, the OSI has been highlighting the fact that a straight smile is possible at any age.

An increasing number of adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment, according to the society.

They are availing of more discreet brace treatments, including clear ones, rather than the traditional metal braces, said the OSI.