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Cambodian king cremated

THOUSANDS of mourners accompanied a gilded chariot carrying the body of former King Norodom Sihanouk in a funeral procession through Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh to a cremation ground.

The cremation ended seven days of mourning for the king who was the dominant figure of modern Cambodia.

Sihanouk led the country to independence from the French, initially kept it out of the Vietnam War and survived the Khmer Rouge reign of terror.

Premier of Taiwan resigns

TAIWAN'S premier has resigned amid plunging popular support for the government, even though the island appears to be rebounding from an economic slowdown.

Sean Chen (63) said his health condition did not allow him to fulfil his heavy duties as head of the cabinet.

President Ma Ying-jeou's office said Mr Ma had accepted Chen's resignation and he would be succeeded by vice premier Jiang Yi-hua.

'Terror suspect in FBI sting'

A JURY in Oregon has convicted a man of terrorism charges after hearing he led a plot to detonate a car bomb at Portland's 2010 Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

The jury rejected the defence that Mohamed Mohamud, now 21, was entrapped or induced by a year-long FBI sting that began to target him when he was a teenager. He could face a life sentence but an appeal was being planned on May 14.

The court heard Mohamud's "bomb" was a fake, planted by undercover agents posing as members of al-Qa'ida.

Gold coin theft from farmer

MORE than $200,000 (¤147,000) in gold coins were stolen from a vacant home after its eccentric owner died in a farm accident last year.

Officials say four suspects also stole a vehicle and antiques from the home in Vermont, US.

Police said they sold coins to jewellery dealers.

Ricky Benjamin (35) and Mark Mumley (52) both of Alburgh, and Shawn Farrell, (41) of Swanton, are being held on $75,000 (¤55,000) bail. A fourth suspect was released after being given a citation.