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Call to make capital's streets safe for all

CITY representatives have called for action to make the capital a safer place.

Leaders from the political and business worlds have expressed their "shock" and "anger" at the senseless killing of journalist Eugene Moloney.

Fianna Fail Justice Spokesman Dara Calleary has called on Minister Alan Shatter to "get on top of his game" in making the streets of the capital a safer place.

He told the Herald: "This was a terrible and very concerning incident. I'm particularly alarmed at the random nature of it. Here was a man returning home when he was attacked. My deepest sympathies are with his family."

Deputy Calleary added:

"Alan Shatter needs to get on top of his game. We need to see substantial evidence that our streets are being properly and effectively policed."

Independent councillor Nial Ring told the Herald: "It's become certainly very clear that the streets of Dublin are not safe. Here was a man minding his own business and now he has sadly lost his life."