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'Call me doctor' – BOD's glee as DCU honours sports stars

RUGBY hero Brian O'Driscoll is demanding that his family call him 'doctor' after he was made an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy today.

The 34-year-old was at Dublin City University for the latest in a long line of career achievements.

The college chose BOD for the award in recognition of his "unique and outstanding" contribution to sport.

On her way in to the ceremony proud wife Amy Huberman told the Herald: "He's going to be making us all call him Dr O'Driscoll now."

The couple's baby daughter Sadie watched on as O'Driscoll received the award along with cyclist Sean Kelly.

Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor was also a recipient – however she was unable to attend due to training commitments.

Amy laughed: "We were both shocked when we found out. He comes from a family of doctors, both his mum and dad are doctors so he got it the easy way. Seriously, though, I'm delighted for him. It's a massive honour and I'm very proud of him."

For his part O'Driscoll said that while thrilled for himself, he was disappointed not to share the stage with Katie Taylor.

"Delighted. Absolutely delighted – such an honour," he said, adding: "It's sad Katie couldn't be here but it's going to be a great day."

Sean Kelly also described it as "a great honour".

"I never thought I'd be here. It's something I didn't get in my earlier days. It's a great honour to accept this alongside Katie and O'Driscoll.