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Cahill excited at first blag

A VETERAN armed robber told how Martin Cahill was "all excited" after carrying out his first armed robbery. Henry Dunne (below left) headed a gang which recruited the 25-year-old Cahill in 1973, after members of the gang met him in Daingean Reformatory.

In an interview with Paul Williams, Dunne detailed The General's first 'blag' -- or armed robbery -- in November 1974 at Quinnsworth in Rathfarnham.

The gang held up and beat two cash delivery men, escaping with £92,600 in cash -- the equivalent of around €1m today.

Dunne recalled: "Martin wanted to hold up a supermarket in Rathfarnham but I said, 'let's do the security van collecting the money instead'. I told him that you could get the money from eight banks in the back of the van. So he sussed out the security van that collected the cash and we watched it for two weeks. It was our first job together."

The criminal added: "We were used to the buzz from a good job but Martin was all excited and said he loved it. He was a natural and after that he was doing at least one decent job, every week or so. But the day after a big robbery he still went out breaking into people's houses after pulling a big one. He was strange like that."