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Cadbury's bars ask Irish fans to support Team GB at Olympics

A Cadbury's chocolate 'meltdown' has led to Irish customers being invited to support the British Olympic team.

A sweet deal involving Olympic sponsorship suffered a hiccup resulting in some Irish customers buying Cadbury bars emblazoned with the slogan 'Keep Team GB Pumped' and a picture of a red, white and blue lion's head. Chocolate fans are invited to enter competitions for £1,000 prize money.

A Dublin supermarket selling the 'Team GB' bars this week stated the bars arrived in their regular consignment.

Cadbury's are sponsors of both Irish and British Olympic teams, who will be rivals in London this summer.

City councillors have called on the chocolate-makers to take urgent action to curb the distribution of the 'Team GB' bars in the Republic. Fine Gael Councillor Ray McAdams said: "Bars on sale here should be backing the Irish team.

"Cadbury's need to sort out this problem as quickly as possible. We're not supporting Team GB -- they're our rivals.

"I won't be buying Twirls until they get the Ireland team sorted out first."

Independent city councillor Christy Burke said: "It should be 'Ireland's Call'."