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Cabbies on alert for slasher

TAXI DRIVERS across the city were on high alert today after the Herald revealed that six of their colleagues were viciously assaulted in west Dublin.

A voluntary group representing 2,000 drivers warned that a man has slashed and robbed up to six of its members.

Tiomanai Taxi na hEireann (TTnh) said drivers are "in fear" after a spate of assaults at a junction in Blanchardstown.

One driver claims that he was slashed and robbed by a man armed with a sharp weapon at the junction of Ongar Road and Stonebridge Road.

Gardai are understood to be investigating the incident.

Sources told the Herald that the driver was parked at a junction when he was approached by a man whom he believed to be a punter.

Once in the car, the man slashed the driver on the arm before fleeing with his wallet and coin case.

A source explained: "This driver is terrified of going to work. It is one of a number of incidents at this junction and the descriptions given suggest that the attacks are being carried out by a man with brown hair."

The Herald revealed yesterday that text messages were sent to more than 2,000 drivers warning them of the threat.

Alan Brennan of the TTnh said that greater measures were needed to ensure drivers can work safely.

"These incidents have our members very worried. The gardai have been informed. The fact that it is happening at one junction in Blanchardstown means that we are hopeful the culprit will be caught."

He added: "We are calling for government intervention here. Drivers need to feel safe."

A growing number of drivers are carrying weapons with them in their cars.