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...but RTE hope to raise a laugh with comedy chief

ARE you having a laugh, RTE?

The national broadcaster is undergoing a major rehaul in the laughs department with the appointment of the newly created head of comedy.

RTE Two Commissioning Editor Eddie Doyle (right) will take the position of head of comedy, music and talent development for TV and digital.

They are not known for their award-winning comic shows, but the Montrose station has identified comedy as a new priority within the station.

Doyle is one in a series of appointments that will take place as part of a major reshuffling within RTE.

Managing Director Glen Killane has revealed that all commissioning editors will now become heads of genre. The positions will bring additional responsibility for delivering digital as well as TV content.

RTE are also appointing a head of entertainment, which will be advertised within the station shortly.

Doyle was appointed commissioning editor for RTE Two in May 2011 following an internal competition. The role involved commissioning programming for RTE Two's prime time schedule.

RTE say the changes are aimed at making the station more competitive in the digital sector with a renewed focus on digital content.

The restructuring follows George Dixon and Bill Malone taking up their positions as channel controllers for RTE One and RTE Two respectively.

RTE's director of programmes Steve Carson, RTE star Miriam O'Callaghan's husband, will take up the position of chief editorial advisor and director of factual group.