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Busy agenda as teachers tackle issues

THE teachers' conferences will have a full agenda this week as the challenges which face schools in these austere times are many. The strain of cutbacks over the last four years has led to larger class sizes and the closure of smaller schools.

The urgent need for more teachers will also be addressed as unions estimate that more than 3,000 additional teachers will be required by 2025 to cope with the increase in student numbers.

And the more modern problem of cyber bullying, of both teachers and pupils, will surely be discussed following the most recent incident which saw four students at Oatlands College in Dublin being suspended for posting abusive remarks about teachers on Facebook, while 40 other students at the school were given detention for tagging it as a 'like'.

Our teachers, who face the age old challenge of having to do more with less and the newer issue of an increase of bullying via modern technology, certainly have a busy week ahead of them.