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Businessman raises alarm in new firebomb phone threat

GARDAI conducted a major search operation this morning after a businessman received a threatening phone call warning that his home would be firebombed.

This is the second major security alert at the property in Dublin 4 this month. A viable pipe-bomb was discovered under the businessman's car just seconds after he received a threatening phone call on October 11.

The latest drama unfolded in leafy Eglinton Road shortly after 9.30pm last night -- the army bomb squad were not called to the scene.

The man, who works in consultancy, received an anonymous phone call and was told that his home would be targeted.

Gardai were called to the scene last night after the phone call was made and were still carrying out searches this morning.


In the previous incident, gardai were alerted to the situation on Eglinton Road after receiving a phone call from a businessman who had been warned that there was a bomb under his car.

It is understood that as soon as the threatening phone call was finished, the man who lives in the property notified gardai.

They arrived at the scene shortly before 1am.

Gardai discovered a suspicious device under the man's vehicle and contacted the army bomb disposal team who arrived at the property.

Speaking at the time, a senior source said: "This was a viable device which was capable of blowing up this man's vehicle.

"It was ten inches long and two inches wide."

Army bomb disposal teams have dealt with almost 50 viable devices this year compared with 21 in 2010 and 29 in 2009.