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Businessman quizzed over Killally shooting

A BUSINESSMAN with links to criminal gangs in Dublin and Limerick has been questioned about the botched robbery of a former politician, Ger Killally.

The first arrest of the ongoing garda investigation came following the gun attack on Mr Killally and members of his family earlier this month.

Officers investigating the failed robbery on the bankrupt developer believe his assailants had prior knowledge that Mr Killally would be carrying €20,000 when he left his plush Offaly home on May 2 last.

The large sum of money, which was in the boot of the car, was to be used for buying and selling cars.

Mr Killally (42), a running mate of ex-Taoiseach Brian Cowen, ran into massive financial problems in recent years.

He has been using a popular internet site to buy and sell cars.

Two shots were fired at Mr Killally, whose father, Jay, and two young children, aged two and three, were also travelling in the Volkswagen Passat car.

Gardai arrested a businessman from Co Laois, who is suspected of having links with crime gangs in Limerick and Dublin.

The man was detained and questioned for a day at Tullamore Garda Station before being released without charge.

Gardai said they expect to make further arrests as a result of their inquiries.

They have already established that a silver Opel Astra car with an 06 registration plate was used by the gunmen in their getaway. It had been driven several times up and down the road outside Mr Killally's house for about half an hour before the attack.

The two gunshots did not hit the Passat and gardai think they could have been fired into the air in an effort to scare Mr Killally.

However, the 42-year-old father of four children spun his car into reverse and then drove through a bollard and a large plant pot before speeding off.

Subsequently, the car spun on its side before crashing into a concrete shed.

Mr Killally ran from the car into a field in an effort to distract the gunmen, who had been in pursuit in the Astra, away from his family.

But the Astra suddenly screeched to a halt, reversed and was driven away at high speed towards Edenderry.