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Bus driver wins €49k in wrongful arrest case

A DUBLIN Bus driver has been awarded €49,400 damages after a judge found he was assaulted and wrongfully arrested by a garda who "lost his temper".

The High Court award was made to Valentin Ticu (38) of Palmerstown Drive, Dublin.

He claimed he was forcibly removed from the bus he was driving, placed in handcuffs and pushed against a patrol car by Garda David Maguire in an incident after 11pm on October 4, 2011, at the junction of Kimmage Road and Sundrive Road in Dublin.

Mr Ticu (inset) sued the Garda Commissioner and Garda Maguire seeking damages for assault, false imprisonment and wrongful arrest. The claims were denied.

Yesterday's award was against the Garda Commissioner.

Mr Justice Michael White found Mr Ticu was wrongfully arrested and assaulted.

The judge said Garda Maguire lost his temper after the driver did not comply with his direction to move the bus away from the scene of a traffic accident.

Mr Ticu said he could not deviate from his route without contacting his depot.

There followed an exchange between the driver and the garda, the account of which had been contested by both sides, the judge said.