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Bus driver said I was a 'tramp', claims motorist


Gerard Gallagher was left trapped on a train in Dublin

Gerard Gallagher was left trapped on a train in Dublin

Gerard Gallagher was left trapped on a train in Dublin

A motorist complained she was threatened and called a "f***ing tramp" by a Dublin Bus driver who was angry that she was blocking a bus lane.

In her complaint to the National Transport Authority (NTA), the woman said that after a thug tried to smash her window gardai had told her to stay parked where she was in a bus lane.

When she tried to explain the situation to the bus driver, he started cursing, leaving her "utterly terrified".

The account of the alleged incident was among 30 complaints about various transportation companies made to the NTA in the first six months of the year. They ranged from passengers who were upset with changes to bus and rail timetables to allegations of poor service.

Irish Rail received 15 complaints, Dublin Bus had 13, while two people lodged complaints concerning the Luas.

In her complaint, the motorist said she was "verbally assaulted and repeatedly threatened" by the driver in the incident just off Marlborough Street in the city centre.

The complainant said she had parked her car when suddenly a person tried to open the car door and to smash the windows in "while screaming at me to give them a cigarette".

Gardai arrived on the scene, located the assailant and told the woman not to move the car.

A portion of the car was parked in the bus lane and when a bus driver complained, she explained the situation, but he "shouted profanities" at her.


The driver then left the bus and said: "You're nothing but a little f***ing tramp, you watch, I'll f***ing have you", the woman claimed in the correspondence with the NTA.

"I was left utterly terrified, as was my passenger. I am disgusted that an individual like this thinks it is acceptable to treat two females this way," she said.

In a separate incident, a complaint against Dublin Bus was made by two tourists who said the driver was rude and left them in the wrong location in the "pouring rain".

"I am very angry about this driver because he left two foreign tourists at 9pm under the rain in the middle of nowhere.

"We had to ask someone in the street where we were and we had to take a taxi back to Blackrock," the complaint read.

A spokesperson for Dublin Bus said they do not comment on individual complaints but "have stringent procedures in place for investigating complaints".

Separately, wheelchair user Gerard Gallagher complained regarding a "distressing" incident where he was trapped on a train at Connolly Station.

He had travelled from Sligo to Dublin, but upon arriving no Irish Rail staff arrived with the ramp to assist him off the train.

Mr Gallagher was left in darkness on the train, despite having pressed the emergency buttons, he said.

Irish Rail's director of transport services, Tim Gaston, said the company's chief executive had contacted the complainant to "offer his full apology" for the incident.