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Bus driver kills 14 hostages

A BUS driver ran over and killed 14 people who had been ordered by robbers to lie in the road after their bus was targeted on its way to Nigeria's capital.

Robbers stopped an overnight bus and made passengers disembark and lie down on the busy Lagos highway. Another bus then ran over them and drove off.

Rescuers found 14 bodies at the scene of the accident.

Another man was wounded after the bus ran over his legs. He told police that his wife and son were among the dead. More than 30 other people are missing, but authorities say that they could have continued with their journeys.

Nuclear bosses fired in Japan

THREE senior nuclear policy officials in Japan have been fired amid scandals over whether the government had grown too cozy with the nuclear industry.

The move is the latest attempt by Prime Minister Naoto Kan to show he can push reforms deemed necessary after Japan's earthquake sparked the world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

Japan's post-tsunami handling of the nuclear crisis has been hit recently by scandals over allegations that the government tried to secretly manipulate public discussions in favour of nuclear power.

Children hurt in tractor crash

DOZENS of children have been injured after a farm tractor pulling a trailer flipped over in Quebec.

The accident happened while the hay tractor descended a slope and its trailer tipped over with dozens of people inside. Passengers were flung from the vehicle and 59 were hospitalised.

The vast majority of people on the trailer, who were children aged seven to 10, were at a Christian camp on a farm.