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Burton is against prefabs for families

Tanaiste Joan Burton is opposed to plans by Dublin City Council to use prefabs to solve the growing accommodation crisis for homeless families.

The council wants to build prefabs on derelict sites around the capital as an alternative to hotel accommodation currently used in emergency situations.

Officials believe housing families in hotels is unsuitable as children have to sleep in the same room as their parents and there are no cooking facilities.


Asked if she thought prefabs were the solution to a shortage of accommodation, Ms Burton said she did not.

"I don't particularly think they are," she told RTE radio this morning.

"I want the closed-up properties that Dublin City Council has re-opened.

"There are a couple of thousand properties which have been boarded up. The council is being funded to re-open them and that is the first thing.

"I want to see homes for families and I want to see permanent construction."