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Burton calls on Rehab boss to reveal her salary


Joan Burton. Photo: Tom Burke

Joan Burton. Photo: Tom Burke

Joan Burton. Photo: Tom Burke

A GOVERNMENT Minister has called on Rehab CEO Angela Kerins to come clean on her salary as it emerged that the charity made just €10,000 from scratch card sales of €4m.

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton said Ms Kerins, who has failed to disclose her salary, should reveal what she was being paid. Two years ago, Ms Kerin's salary was €234,000.

"I would be absolutely on the record, not just to her, but to other people involved in the charity sector that they should disclose their salaries and their salaries should not be excessive," she said on Newstalk this morning.

When approached for comment today at the Rehab Group's head office in Sandymount, a spokesperson for the group said Ms Kerins was not in the building and was not available to speak to the Herald.

He said Rehab had issued a statement and would not likely be making any further comment. The revelations about the scratch card sales emerged in the Dail last night from Justice Minister Alan Shatter.


A study by the Department of Justice has shone a spotlight on the Charitable Lotteries Fund which the State is trying to end in a move being opposed through the courts by Rehab.

During the audit of the different products offered by Rehab Lotteries in 2010, it was discovered that the proportion of the face value of instant win scratch card retained for the benefit of the charity averaged around 1pc; bingo sales of €3,190,000 in 2010 yielded profits of only €548,000; scratch card sales of €3,969,000 yielded profits of only €9,452; and gross lottery sales of almost €7.2m yielded a net profit of €558,000 or 8pc.

Rehab hit back questioning why the minister would comment on matters that are before the courts.

"That the Minister for Justice should do so is an abuse of his position and a serious undermining of the judicial process," the charity said in a statement.



"For a Minister who was or is a solicitor, and thus an officer of the court, to comment in this manner is simply outrageous. We expect the Minister to withdraw his remarks and apologise," they added.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter said he met with Rehab over two years ago and queried the size of the profits from the scratch card products.

"I noted that the profit ratio seemed disproportionate and expressed concern," he said.

Mr Shatter said he was phasing out the Charitable Lottery Scheme, where charities get compensation for the loss of their ability to raise funds due to the National Lottery.