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Burglars wreck home of granny as she lay in intensive care


May Whelan

May Whelan

May Whelan

A GANG of thieves broke into the house of a grandmother of seven and ransacked it while she lay in hospital on life-support.

The thieves burgled the Crumlin property between 6pm and 8pm on Sunday, stealing May Whelan’s Christmas presents for her grandchildren as family visited her in the intensive care unit.

Mrs Whelan (63) was returning home from a Christmas party with friends last Thursday when she suffered a severe stroke.

She hit the ground with such force that she fractured an eye socket and cheek bone.

She was rushed to St James’ Hospital where she is currently on a life-support machine with what medics believe is a brain haemorrhage.

However, as family members visited her, callous thieves smashed their way into her house and “annihilated” the place.

Mrs Whelan’s son Glen (27) described the level of damage caused to the house.

“They broke in through the side window and absolutely destroyed the house,” he said.

“The kitchen door would have been locked so they kicked that through and also kicked in the double doors that lead into the sitting room.

“They absolutely ransacked the place.

“They tossed my mother’s room into a right mess, flipped her mattress over and threw her drawers all over the bedroom as they went about looking for jewellery.”


The gang made off with Mrs Whelan’s wedding and engagement rings as well as Christmas presents she had bought and wrapped up for her children and grandchildren.

Her daughter Suzanne Dixon (41) also voiced her frustration at the break-in.

“I just can’t understand – they must have no conscience to target a woman living on her own who is fighting for her life in hospital,” she told RTE’s Liveline programme.

“It’s sickening and absolutely soul-destroying.”