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Burglars strike at home of Phil's mum on 83rd birthday


Philomena Lynott's home in Sutton. Photo: Garrett White

Philomena Lynott's home in Sutton. Photo: Garrett White

Philomena Lynott's home in Sutton. Photo: Garrett White

The home of the mother of late rock star Phil Lynott has been burgled on her 83rd birthday.

Philomena Lynott was in her Sutton home on Tuesday evening when the thieves smashed their way into the conservatory of the house bought for her by the Thin Lizzy singer.

The burglars struck just after 5pm when her nephew Graham drove from the driveway of the seafront home to run an errand.



No sooner had he left than three men were laying siege to the house with Philomena in her bedroom upstairs unaware.

"I heard noise but I thought it was the flower pots rattling in the wind. The phone had been going off all day with Phil's fans ringing to wish me a happy birthday," she said.

However, outside thieves were trying to jemmy open a window, and then smashed through a glass window, gaining entry into her conservatory.

The three unidentified men then made their way through a room full of Phil Lynott memorabilia and into her living room.

Miraculously she credits a call she made to nephew Graham out shopping to "buy the Herald", which Philomena featured in last Tuesday, with disturbing the burglars.

"Graham didn't answer my call but he rang back and the robbers hearing me on the phone upstairs left immediately," she said.

Unaware she had been burgled, Philomena spotted the three men as they left, walking down her driveway and, mistaking them for Thin Lizzy fans, waved at one.

"The tallest one waved back, I really had no idea who they were," she said.

It wasn't until nephew Graham arrived back the alarm was raised. Gardai arrived soon after to take fingerprints.

Philomena said the robbers, who took nothing, had been wasting their time.

"All my jewellery is fake and I never keep cash in the house," she said.

Gardai are investigating CCTV from a boat house outside the Lynott home which picked up footage of the men, one of whom wore a black hoodie.

Earlier that day Philomena had visited the grave of her son Phil who passed away in 1986.