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Burglars net €100k from raid in Foxrock

MORE than €100,000 in cash and jewellery was stolen from one house in Dublin during a recent crime spree.

Burglary gangs targeting the capital's most affluent areas, hit 23 homes in Foxrock in the last six weeks.

The burglary epidemic is being driven by crime gangs who see homes in upmarket areas as easy pickings.


They use GSM jammers, like the one pictured below, which block intruder alerts being sent to monitoring stations as well as phone signals.

"The situation is bad and a number of households have been hit more than once. Gardai believe that hundreds of thousands of euro has been taken in a very short period of time," a source explained.

The Herald has learned that thieves made off with over €100,000 of jewellery and cash from one raid on a house in Foxrock. It was the second time the house had been targeted by a burglary gang in the space of a few weeks.

Security experts have warned residents to take extra precautions, particularly when investing in home alarm systems.

The sophisticated jamming devices used by the gangs can be bought for just €20 on the internet and some have the capacity to block monitored alarm systems throughout an entire estate.