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Burglars drove at garda during escape attempt

A GARDA escaped serious injury after getting away from a speeding getaway car that was driven straight at him.

The officer came across a burglary of a parochial house in Wicklow when the red British-registered car came hurtling towards him.

Startled by the presence of the garda, the gang dropped a bag of money as they made their escape.

The robbery was the second theft from a parochial house on the evening of March 11.

The first robbery took place at Rathdrum parochial house before the gang moved on to target the nearby Laragh parochial house, where the dangerous incident occurred.

There were no occupants in either house during the attack.

Sergeant Burbage, stationed at Rathdrum Garda station, told the Herald that the incident had shaken the garda involved but he had acted in a professional manner.

"The garda in this case was not injured, he managed to evade a car that was making its getaway from the scene," the sergeant said.

"He came upon them as they were making their getaway.

"He was okay and dealt with the incident during the course of his duty.

"He was answering an alarm activation when the incident happened. They managed to make off with some petty cash but dropped much of the property when the garda came on the scene."

He added: "Thankfully, both houses were unoccupied and no one was injured."

Gardai are now trying to track down the four youths that perpetrated the burglaries and endangered a member of the force.

"There were four youths in the car at the time, it was a red car, yellow registration plates and we would appeal for any witnesses to come forward to us at Rathdrum Garda station," the sergeant said.

"We are following definite lines of enquiry."