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Burglaries up but 47pc don't alarm for home

BURGLARY rates are on the rise but half of Irish homeowners do not have a burglar alarm installed in their home.

New research has found that 47pc of us do not have a simple deterrent in place, even though early data suggests the number of burglaries in 2013 will significantly exceed the 2012 figures.

Worryingly, the survey, from insurer 123.ie, also found that homeowners are making themselves even more of an early target by leaving spare house keys in obvious places outside the home. One in four of us do this, it said.


Figures from the Central Statistics Office from January until September of 2013 show there were almost 26,000 burglary offences during that period.

While figures for the final months of 2013 have yet to be released, it looks very likely that the total figure will surpass 2012's figure of 28,133 burglaries.

For those who don't want to install an alarm, Padraig O'Neill from 123.ie said simple steps can be taken.

"We would advise people to get into the habit of locking all doors and windows before leaving the house and to fit a dead- bolt lock to their home's main exterior doors," he said.

Locks, he said, should be pick-resistant, making it much harder for would-be burglars.