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Burglaries soar to 60 a month in city suburb

HOUSEHOLDERS in Rathfarnham are being urged to be extra vigilant about their home security after a spate of 60 burglaries and attempted burglaries in August.

Gardai have already charged one man in his 20s on counts of burglary and attempted burglary.

The burglaries took place both during the day and at nighttime and involved entry into the house by various means, through windows and doors.

Some of the burglaries were also committed by armed individuals.

Detectives recently told a court that 60 burglaries and attempted burglaries were committed in the area before the end of August -- an unusually high figure.

Garda sources believe the upsurge may be related to a number of local criminals who were released from prison during the summer.

In recent years, community gardai in Rathfarnham have noticed a surge in burglaries, particularly as thieves look for car keys and then steal the vehicles.

Gardai have advised householders that car keys should not be left where they can be seen from outside.

Leaving keys on hall tables is particularly risky because thieves can reach through the letterbox and "fish" out the keys with a wire coat hanger.


Residents have also been advised to only keep small amounts of cash and everyone, particularly elderly people, should refuse to allow strangers into the house.

Furthermore, people should keep all external doors locked, even when the house is occupied, as leaving a back door unlocked invites "distraction thefts", where one person distracts the householder at the front door while an accomplice burgles the house through the unlocked back door.

And if you're away, gardai say that fitting timers to some of the internal lights, to operate in the evenings, creates the illusion the house is occupied.