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Burglaries down as community fights back

A RURAL community which is fighting back against crime has seen burglaries drop by almost a quarter thanks to a successful text alert system.

Remote communities around Thurles in Co Tipperary have been operating the text system for over a year and a half, with 85pc of households signed up to the scheme.

In the ten months after it's inception the Thurles Garda District saw rural burglaries drop by 21pc and drug detections rise by 14pc

The scheme which is operated by Muintir na Tire in partnership with An Garda Siochana has now been rolled out in hundreds of communities around the country with 10,000 homes signed up to it.


James O'Neill, a community worker with Muintir na Tire said the scheme was so successful because it reconnected communities and neighbours.

"There is a bit of work involved in this scheme from the community side of things but it is remarkable how much more connected it makes areas. The reduction in the level of rural crime is also resulting in a reduction in fear," he said.

While nationally almost 12pc of the population are over the age of 65, Mr O'Neill said that level can rise to as high as 26pc in many rural areas.


Households that sign up for the scheme receive a phone number to contact local gardai if they see anything suspicious in their area. Gardai will also send out alerts to households in certain areas if the need arises.

"When gardai get alerts, they can check vehicle descriptions and licenses on PULSE to check if there's anything to worry about. Gardai can then send out alerts to homes in the areas where the vehicle was seen to keep an eye out.

"The system works so well because local people aren't getting involved themselves, they are just alerting gardai but they are sure of a response within a quick time frame," he said.

"It also strengthens the partnership between the gardai and the communities, particularly in light of the closures of rural garda stations in recent years," he added.